Discover the most effective 4-week personal styling program for women who love fashion but hate "closet overwhelm."

Lose the frustration; love what you wear!



The Wardrobe Revival

The best method for understanding your personal style and editing your wardrobe so that getting dressed each morning is easy and fun


My guess is that you've pinned hundreds of outfits you love, subscribed to a monthly style box service & maybe even hired a personal stylist or shopper to help you.  But The Wardrobe Revival is the only program that will give you:



  • EDUCATION.  Joanna will teach you how to identify your own personal style and how to stay true to that style with pieces that work for your lifestyle and your body, eliminating the need to rely on someone else's opinion.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY for editing your closet and exploring your wardrobe, which always seems to be a "chore" that takes last priority.

  • PERSONALIZED ADVICE from a stylist who has been in the business nearly a decade.  You will have 1:1 time with Joanna to discuss your specific style struggles.

  • SMALL GROUP SUPPORT.  This program will be limited to a very small number of clients who can learn from one another and support each other going through this transformation. 


The Wardrobe Revival is for you if you've ever felt:

  • Overwhelmed with the "style advice" you've gotten from social media, store stylists, and friends that never totally resonates with you. 

  • Frustrated with the time you waste in your closet each morning, only to leave the house feeling less than your best.

  • Guilty after a shopping spree that left you with more "stuff" and still nothing to wear.


Here's what you'll get in this 4-week program:

  • A clear understanding of YOUR personal style.  In week 1, you will dig deep into learning about what style and pieces of clothing most resonate with you and make you feel "perfectly you."

  • The process to effectively edit your current wardrobe.  In week 2, you'll learn techniques for determining what to keep, what to toss, what to alter, and what to donate, allowing you space to see all of the potential already in your closet!  Included in this discussion will be tips on dressing different body types, colors, and of course, incorporating the style you identified in Week 1.

  • 15+ "new to you" outfits, right from your own closet!  In week 3, you will create head-to-toe looks for all occasions by stirring up your well-curated pieces, totally alleviating the dreaded "closet full of clothes and nothing to wear."  

  • The tools and shopping tips to fill in gaps in your newly pared down closet.  The final week of the program focuses on deciding what pieces you may need to add to your shopping list to complete your wardrobe, including tips on where, when, and how to shop for those pieces.

  • Confidence in expressing yourself through your clothing.  You will no longer rely on others to tell you what to wear!  You'll gain back valuable time and save money knowing how to wear (and love) everything in your closet and how to efficiently shop for new pieces, rather that submitting to trends and last-minute "desperation buys."


Here are the features of The Wardrobe Revival.


    Each week, we will have a one (ish)-hour style coaching Zoom call with members of The Wardrobe Revival's small group. Here, Joanna will deliver all of the information you'll need to complete your "style homework" for the week, and members will have a chance to ask questions and compare notes from the previous week's work.


    This technology tool will become your best friend. It's a private way to communicate with the members of the group, without having to use email.  This also gives you a place to ask questions, both privately to me and to the group. You can gain 1:1 access to me in this Slack channel. 


    After every coaching call, Joanna will send you highlights from the call, along with any complementary worksheets or content that you will need to implement that week's "style homework."


    The Wardrobe Revival is limited to a very small number of participants so that each person can get personalized advice from Joanna via the group calls and the Slack channel.  Additionally, each client will have a 1:1 style coaching call with Joanna at the end of the program to make sure all of your burning questions are answered!


Joanna Avant is a french fry-loving coffee addict who describes her personal style as "CCQ" (chill, classic, quirky).  When she's not eating or thinking about food, she is helping women look and feel their very best through style!


Joanna has a master's degree in higher education and a passion for working with students, but her lifelong love affair with style (and her status among friends and family as the "go to" for the best fashion advice) sparked a career change nearly a decade ago.  As a personal stylist and shopper, Joanna has helped hundreds of women re-think their wardrobes, often as a result of a major life change.  


Whereas many stylists focus on "dressing for your body," Joanna's "Style Success Strategy" emphasizes dressing for your happiness!  This technique enables women to dig deep and find style that suits not only their figures, but their lifestyle, budget, and most importantly, their personality.  


  • 1. What if I'm not ready to start TWR when the program begins?

    Only you know when you're ready, but I want to challenge you on that idea.  You're likely reading this because you don't feel great in your clothes and are looking for some help.  I always say that this process can be a vicious cycle, or it can be a beautiful cycle, and you get to make the choice!  You can stay in your style rut, feel bad about yourself and how you look, and lack the confidence to work on your other goals (health, weight loss, career), which, in turn, makes you feel worse about yourself.  (See how that vicious cycle works?)  Or, you can recognize that you are worthy of feeling and looking your very best RIGHT NOW, show the world what you've got, (field all the compliments), and gain the confidence to crush all of your other goals!  Ready or not, as long as you're committed, you will get all of your value this program has to offer.

  • 2. I like the idea, but what if I don't have enough time to commit to 4 weeks of TWR?

    Why can't we all just have a couple more hours in the day, right?  The good news is that our calls are just once per week, and you get to choose times that work best for you to do your weekly style homework.  I'll also add that you're probably wasting plenty of time scrolling through Pinterest and Instagram for style ideas, ordering and canceling style box subscriptions, and shopping for things that ultimately take up space and get little to no love.  If you can commit time to this program, you'll understand how to get those wasted hours back from now on!

  • 3. It seems pretty expensive, don't ya think?

    I hear you!  I like to protect my dollars as much as the next gal, but this program is really designed to help you stop spending unnecessarily every time you feel like you're in a style rut.  I want to teach you how to incorporate what you already have and how to shop more efficiently, so that you keep, wear, and love everything in your closet for years to come!  It's also worth noting that if you were to hire someone for 1:1 styling and shopping,  you would spend significantly more to get the same results.

  • 4. Will I have to invest more money once we start?  

    You sure won't!  I won't be springing any surprise costs on you, and any shopping recommendations I make can be taken or left!  I will make suggestions for lots of different budgets, and you can purchase things on your own time, when your budget allows.  

  • 5. Won't I benefit more from 1:1 personal styling?

    I decided to create this program because I found that my 1:1 clients continued to reach out for tips, advice, and reminders after our appointments, often falling back into the same style habits they wanted help with in the first place.  If someone else is doing all of the work for you, you tend to rely on that expert and tune out the education bit.  In this program, I will be teaching, rather than doing, and you will do most of the work in your closet.  Down the road, you will have the knowledge and confidence to make style-related decisions ON YOUR OWN!  We all need and want a little advice from time to time, and we could all use a style refresher every so often, but won't it be nice to make a purchase knowing for certain that it works for you and will be loved?

  • 6. I'm not tech savvy?  Is that ok?

    No problem!  I assume you've learned how to join a Zoom call since March?  That's about as high tech as it gets!  If you don't know how to do that, reach out, and I can help.

  • 7. I still have questions.  Can you answer them?

    Absolutely!  Click on the "Let's Connect" button in the navigation bar, and we will schedule some time to get all of your questions answered.  I'm excited to chat!

 The Wardrobe Revival 

kicks off September 14th, 2021!


Group Zoom sessions will be on the following Tuesdays

from 11:30am-12:30 pm:

September 14

September 21

September 28

October 5

TWR is designed to be a small group program, so space is very limited. 

Once the program is filled, you'll be placed on the waitlist for next time! 

$497/One time payment

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